Design Approval Process

Process overview

Every proposed new home in Tartan Fields must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Board (Architectural Review Board), including the architect and builder, before construction can begin.  To reiterate and emphasize, construction shall not begin prior to obtaining full final approval for architect, builder and all plans from the Architectural Review Board. The Architectural Review Board, in their sole discretion, will determine the quality, history, capability and ability of the proposed architect and builder who are requesting to be a participant in the creation of your new home or addition.

To assist you in understanding this review, the Design Guidelines have been developed.  These guidelines provide the basis for review of plans by the Architectural Review Board, and serves as a checklist for you to insure all design elements have been considered in the creation of your home. Any questions in reference to the Design Guidelines should be submitted to the Property Management Company for the Architectural Review Board, through your builder or architect.

Additions & remodeling

Every house addition or remodeling in Tartan Fields must be reviewed by the Architectural Review Board before construction can begin. The intended participating builder must be approved and go through the same 3 step process as it relates to each individual remodeling or additions, decks and patios, and landscape wall.


STEP 1: Preliminary Architectural review

Participating Builder must submit the construction plans as follows by using the Online Architectural Review Submission Form:

  • Walls, structure, materials;

  • Fascia and Trim construction, materials;

  • Window Specifications: manufacturer, type, finish;

  • Doors/Garage Doors: specifications, materials.

  • Design Review Application;

  • Site Plan, Topography, Tree Survey;

  • Floor Plan;

  • Exterior Elevations (all sides);

  • Roofs, structure, materials, manufacturer;

Material samples, product photos, and color chips are to be submitted upon request.

The Architectural Review Board will review all design documents, sample materials, color chips and return appropriate comments to the Approved Architect or Participating Builder through the Property Management Company.


STEP 2: Submit plans to appropriate building dept.

Approved Builder submits the Architectural Review Board approved plans to the Building Inspector and any other such agencies having jurisdiction for required permits.

STEP 3: Final architecture review

A final review will be completed of the following items:

  1. Landscape Plans

  2. Color, chips: (exterior)

    • Roof

    • Fences

    • Walls

    • Fascia & Trim

    • Windows

    • Doors

  3. Patio/Decks: materials, finish

  4. Fences/Walls: structure, materials

  5. Screen Enclosures: structure, materials

  6. Mechanical Equipment: location and screening details

  7. Exterior Lighting Details

  8. Driveways: materials, finish

NOTE to Developer:  the following sentence is not to be included in the #3 above accordion. It is stand alone.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  Any changes or deviations to anything approved by the Architectural Review Board cannot be installed/changed without Architectural Review Board approval.

DEsign Documents

Submitting Design Documents

To provide a systematic and uniform review of the proposed construction, the design documents should adhere to the criteria outline below.  Electronic submissions are acceptable and can be emailed to


  • Drawing Size: 24” x 36″ Blue line

  • Owner’s Name

  • Builder’s and Architect’s Name

  • Lot Address

  • Date of Drawing


  • Scale: ¼” = 1′

  • Identify Room Names

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Room Dimensions

  • Roof Plan


  • Scale: 1” = 20′

  • Property Lines

  • Building Setback Lines

  • Easements

  • Right of Ways

  • Driveways

  • Patios/Decks

  • Walkways

  • Pools

  • Culverts

  • Drainage Plan

  • Dwelling Perimeters (1st/2nd Floor)

  • Roof Line/Overhang

  • Topography (finish and existing grades)

  • Equipment

  • Lighting


  • Scale: ¼” x 1′

  • Existing Grade Fill

  • All exterior view of all structures including materials, textures and colors


  • Scale: 1/8″ or 1/4″ = 1′ (min)

  • Wall/Roof Section

  • Roof Pitch/Materials/Colors

  • Floor Elevations


  • Specifications

  • Manufacturers

  • Samples/Finishes/Product Photos/Color Chips upon request


  • Scale: 1″ = 20′

  • Topography

  • Drainage

  • Easements

  • Right of Ways

  • Existing Trees (6″ diameter @ 31” above grade)

  • Plant Material

  • Surface Material

  • Exterior Lighting Details

  • Transformer Location

  • Electric and Gas Meter Location


CHANGES TO Design Documents

The Participating Builder must notify the· Architectural Review Board prior to making any changes to the approved plans. A letter with applicable support date (as required) must be submitted to the Architectural Review Board for the file. Any major deviations (as determined solely by the Architectural Review Board) may require full Committee approval prior to commencement of changes.  The Architectural Review Board reserves the right to inspect construction in progress for conformance with approved design documents and Applicants agree to cooperate fully with members of the Architectural Review Board at all times.